CARP “e” Live Enzyme System

CarpEscapes CARP “e” Live Enzyme System

CarpEscapes has been working away under the radar in a collaboration with UCN, Ultimate carp nutrition and after many years of trials, the clever lads of UCN have finally perfected the ultimate liquid “e”. The “e” name is simply derived from the keyword “Enzymes”. Now as some of you might know, amino acids are the Holy Grail when it comes to triggering a stimulation response in carp. Simply put, if it ignores that signal, it is a dead carp!

The Carp “e” liquid is a LIVE product and is jam packed with FREE AMINO ACIDS. When heated in hot water, the enzymes go into overdrive and kick starts the activity into hyper mode. To prepare your “e” liquid and for best results, place the Carp “e” bottle into a saucepan or jug and then pour hot water (not boiling water, think, warming a babies bottle) covering at least 3 quarters of the bottle and leave for 10 minutes. Alternatively, mix Carp”e” with hot water and cover your given baits, close the lid so as to keep the heat in for a few hours, which will then open the pores of the bait allowing the magic to soak in thus making your boilies mega attractive.
“Pure simplicity”

This amazing Carp“e” is so versatile it can be added to your boilie mix, mixed into ground bait and method balls, hydrated into your particle and works perfectly when re-hydrating baits, any of the aforementioned will help give you the edge.

Now this is where a company raves on about how good their product is and it’s the next best thing, We don’t believe in clever marketing. Seeing is believing so come on click on the the below links and welcome to the world of Carp “e”

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CarpEscapes has been granted the European rights to Carp “e” and shall be showcasing this product at our stand, so come for a chat with Dean and our team at the Zwolle show (Holland) or at The Northern Show and the Big One. Why not book your escape at the same time. Come and see our complete Bait Range, our Power-plant Battery units and of course our Fishing venues.

We are not here to take your money and send you over to Europe with a Lat and Long like other companies. We have been on the receiving end of poor Fishing Holiday companies and we all know who they are! Our team members are on the bank with you to support you where needed and to help put you on the fish. Come and join the CarpEscapes family. We don’t hide our tactics from you, we are here to help smash your PB and capture fish in a safe comfortable environment.
We helped smash countless PB’s last year, seeing an incredible 16 fish over 30kgs from our multiple European venues. Come and join us to make memories and put YOUR amazing fish photos on your wall that you see in other people’s houses.

We have a very exciting year ahead of us and we invite you to come share our journey ahead as we push the boundaries of modern carp bait development.

Pre order today at and email us your requirements.
Did you know as the UK Is set to exit the European Union you will require health certificates if you are caught entering Europe with large quantities of bait or food based products. We are here to take the worries and stresses away.

Boilistic Range Launched by CarpEscapes


CarpEscapes have been hard at work to develop products to support you on the bank. This Boilistic Range suits the European long session anglers needs. We were tired of paying high prices for baits containing low quality ingredients! So we made our own range! Target your fish and have confidence in the weapons you choose to launch into your lake.

The CarpEscapes Boilistic Range covers boillies, dips, wafters, hardened hook baits and pop ups. The Full Boilistic range shall be launched at the Swolle show in Holland, our field testers last year have already captured an incredible 16 fish over 30kgs from our multiple European venues. Just wait until you see these amazing captures. The Boilistic Range is in stock now! Available at all our holiday venues, or we can deliver to your door.

Tired of packing 100s of Kgs of bait into your car or van and running the risk of over weight fines, not to mention the added cost of fuel due to weight?

Pre-order today at call us or simply see our samples at our stand and come for a chat with our team at the Zwolle show (Holland) or at the BIG ONE

At CarpEscapes we offer you the BEST so you can be the BEST.

Brexit update
Did you know as the UK Is set to exit the European Union you will require health certificates if you are caught entering Europe with large quantities of bait or food based products. We are here to take the worries and stresses away.

The Life PO4 Power Plant


Pay 30% less for 30% more! Just landed in Europe and in stock. Blowing the competition away on price, amperage, weight and function.

Welcome to a new generation of rugged power support for your LONG sessions. Tired of small vault battery packs packing no punch and not lasting! Then look no further.

Plug in your USB connector, attach your crocodile clips to run your boat motor, run your fridge, computer, or just charge your phone, the CarpEscapes LIFE PO4 POWER-Plant
does it all.

We are offering these light weight units, with ABS shock proof outer casings, digital power and voltage indicator, USB charging points, terminal top + & – charging points. These Power Plants come in three sizes. Minimum life cycle of 2500 times
(100% DoD) Self-discharge of 3%/month.

100 Ah LIFE PO4 POWER-Plant €650
12.8 Volt 6.5 kgs dimension: 262mm x 280mm x 100mm

200 Ah LIFE PO4 POWER- Plant €999
12.8 Volt 8.5 kgs dimension: 262mm x 280mm x 100mm

300 Ah LIFE PO4 POWER-Plant €1449
12.8 Volt 10 kgs dimension: 262mm x 280mm x 100mm

In stock now !
Pre-order now at, call us or simply collect your plant at our stand at the Zwolle Carp Show !

At CarpEscapes we offer you the best so you can be the best.

CarpEscapes in 2021 are now offering fly-in options for the amazing carp lake Šumbar in Croatia!

Due to popular demand we are very excited and pleased to announce that we shall be the only company offering fly in options to fish the incredible lake Šumbar. Forget having to travel long distances by car with mountains of gear wasting time and money. Fly directly into Zargreb and be collected by our team, be taken to the shops for personal supplies and be fishing on the lake within hours of landing. Escaping has never been easier.

We shall supply you with the following:
3 rods
1 spod rod
1 marker rod
1 pod
1 landing net
2 slings
1 landing matt
1 weigh tripod
1 bed chair
1 day chair
1 bivvy
3 meals a day
1 gas cooker for tea and coffee making equipment.

You will be able to purchase bait on site at a fair price, boilies 6.50€ a kgs with orders over 25kgs, pop ups, Wafters, ground bait, maize and hemp. We shall provide a baiting up option twice a day by boat. Our team are on site to guide you and assist where needed. You shall need to bring a sleeping bag, terminal tackle, reels, alarms, leads, scales and a smile for your first big fish, fishing in the Balkans has now become a whole lot easier. We make fishing holidays easy so all you need to do is choose your Escape.

The following dates are available on a first come first serve basis. The price per person is set at 1600 Euros excluding flights.

July Weeks 20 places
WEEK 1 14-07-2021 21-07-2021
WEEK 2 21-07-2021 28-07-2021

August Weeks 20 places
WEEK 1 08-08-2021 15-08-2021
WEEK 2 15-08-2021 22-08-2021

We also have the following weeks available in 2021 for drive and survive.
The price for drive and survive is set at 850 Euros.

October Weeks 16 Places
WEEK 1 10-10-2021 17-10-2021
WEEK 2 17-10-2021 24-10-2021

November Weeks 16 Places
WEEK 1 17-11-2021 24-11-2021
WEEK 2 24-11-2021 01-11-2021

Call or email us to make a booking.
Hook – Release – Repeat

New Lake on the Block

Monster Carp lake in Romania is the New Lake on the Block. For Anyone that has not heard about this lake get ready! CarpEscapes has been granted the best months of the year to fish this amazing lake in 2021, including April, May, September, October and November.

Due to the high demand for these heavily plated fish, we have limited space available for 2020, however, we are now offering places for 2021. Come escape and fish this unique lake where you and your friends of 10 can all fish from one social point.
Over-looking and commanding the whole lake, each with a huge zoned area to fish. The onsite bailiff is there 24hrs a day to support you!
We can supply you with a FLY IN option for 2021 and you can be on the lake fishing within 24 hours of leaving London. All tackle supplied, you bring terminal tackle, reels and alarms. Food and bait supplied, inflatable boats / motors and sounders.
Don’t just settle for fishing holidays behind silent rods, dream big, let us support and guide like no other company offers. Life is short, bank time is even shorter, position yourself with the best possible chance of catching fish!

Call us today or email us for a quote.

Monster Lake Romania

The CarpEscapes team have just smashed Monster Lake in Romania, in cold conditions they caught 43 fish in just 5 days. These fish are in perfect condition the team loved this new venue. Come and Escape soon.

Hook Release Repeat

The Amazing Lake Sumbar

The Amazing Croatian Lake Sumbar, showing what amazing beasts lurk below her waters. Come and join us in 2020 to experience this amazing water which holds all of these hard fighting fish. Let CarpEscapes support you and help you escape everyday life.

Hook Release Repeat

PB Broken at Šumbar

What a fantastic time we had at lake Jezero Šumbar in Croatia. This lake is amazing and the carp are huge! Seems like there are plenty of fish over 25 kg as we caught 4 and my mate broke his PB this trip with one over 30kgs!

I’d say we caught 115 fish whilst there, so the lake did not disappoint us with its perfect setting in great surroundings and peaceful countryside. There was literally no time to sit and stare as the fish kept coming. This has far surpassed my previous fishing trip! We will definitely return!

Šumbar Lake Croatia

Great fishing at this lake with 120 fish caught last week and 3 at over 30kg! Some of The Carp Escapes team are currently fishing there and loving every minute of it!

You have to see it to believe it so book your place now!

Danny with another amazing fish!

Big Carp Lake Hungary

There has been some fantastic fishing on this wonderful lake in Hungary where some magnificent catches have been achieved in the last few weeks as the fish continue to grow at an amazing rate!

Come and join the fun!

Big Carp Lake fish