After the successful launch of our fishing company we at CarpEscapes have been hard at work to develop products to support you on the bank. This Boilistic Range suits the European long session anglers needs. We were tired of paying high prices for baits containing low quality ingredients! So we made our own range! Target your fish and have confidence in the weapons you choose to launch into your lake.

The CarpEscapes Boilistic Range covers boillies, dips, wafters, hardened hook baits and pop ups. The Full Boilistic range shall be launched at the Swolle show in Holland, our field testers last year have already captured an incredible 16 fish over 30kgs from our multiple European venues. Just wait until you see these amazing captures. The Boilistic Range is in stock now! Available at all our holiday venues, or we can deliver to your door.

Tired of packing 100s of Kgs of bait into your car or van and running the risk of over weight fines, not to mention the added cost of fuel due to weight?

Pre-order today at call us or simply see our samples at our stand and come for a chat with our team at the Zwolle show (Holland) or at the BIG ONE

At CarpEscapes we offer you the BEST so you can be the BEST.

The full range of bait products

Boilstic Range

Liquid E Range

CarpEscapes Carp Liquid e made in conjunction with Ultimate Carp Nutrition

The Carp “e” liquid is a LIVE product and is jam packed with FREE AMINO ACIDS. When heated in hot water, the enzymes go into overdrive and kick starts the activity into hyper mode. To prepare your “e” liquid and for best results, place the Carp “e” bottle into a saucepan or jug and then pour hot water (not boiling water, think, warming a babies bottle) covering at least 3 quarters of the bottle and leave for 10 minutes. Alternatively, mix Carp”e” with hot water and cover your given baits, close the lid so as to keep the heat in for a few hours, which will then open the pores of the bait allowing the magic to soak in thus making your boilies mega attractive. “Pure simplicity”

This amazing Carp“e” is so versatile it can be added to your boilie mix, mixed into ground bait and method balls, hydrated into your particle and works perfectly when re-hydrating baits, any of the aforementioned will help give you the edge.

Immediate response time

30 second reaction

Brexit update
Did you know as the UK Is set to exit the European Union you will require health certificates if you are caught entering Europe with large quantities of bait or food based products.
We are here to take the worries and stresses away.