Dream Lakes

Dream Lakes

These lakes are 'Run Waters'​

The Lakes

Set in the picturesque countryside of the Champagne region of France, DreamLakes can be found just outside the small town of Orconte. The ideal backdrop for the five mature and peaceful fishing lakes found within the DreamLakes complex. A group of former gravel pits developed by carp anglers with one single purpose in mind - to create the perfect balance between a relaxing fishing holiday and the excitement of catching specimen carp and catfish!

Dream Lake 1

Offers ‘specimen style’ fishing and regularly produces multiple catches of big-carp up to the mid fifty-pound range. The current records for the lake stand at an impressive 72lb 8oz mirror carp, 70lb 2oz common carp and a 130lb catfish.

A ‘square horseshoe’ in shape and approx. 15-acres in size, we allow only 15 anglers per week on DreamLake 1 and with 23 well appointed swims to choose from, there is always plenty of space to move around. All of the swims are large, log lined gravelled areas – built by carp anglers for carp anglers. So large bivvies or tents are accommodated comfortably. Steps are thoughtfully placed for ease of access with 12 swims are designated as suitable for disabled/wheelchair angling.

The depth of DreamLake 1 varies between 6-9ft with many features to be found including gravel bars and weed beds, plus the central spit of land that creates the horseshoe shape providing a far-margin feature and bite hotspot. The lake is free from crayfish or poisson chat so common to other French waters – so you do not need to worry about netting hookbaits. The unique shape and layout of DreamLake 1 and positioning of the swims ensures that there is nowhere that you cannot cast too and nowhere for the fish to hide or hold-up out of reach.

With a record haul of 70 carp in one week, 220 carp (weighing in at over two tonnes) were added to the already impressive stock levels during December 2001 – with a further one tonne of new carp introduced in October 2003. A hundred thirty and forty pound carp were then introduced in November 2005 followed by 150 beautifully coloured chestnut mirror carp stocked in Nov 2007. Meaning both big-hit hauls of fish, as well as PB breaking big-carp captures are always on the cards – a uniquely mouthwatering carp fishing situation! 

Dream Lake 2

Offers anglers excellent ‘specimen style’ fishing providing every chance of hooking into a number of huge carp – with a massive head of twenty and thirty-pound carp backing-up the huge number of forty and fifty-pound fish topped by 84lb specimens!

The current lake records are 61lb 8oz for common carp, 57lb 12oz for mirror carp, the catfish record stands at 97lb, and 44lb 8oz is the impressive grass carp record – with an arm-aching haul of 93 fish the most recorded by a single angler in one week.

Rectangular in shape and approx. 18-acres in size, we allow only 18 anglers per week on DreamLake 2. The 30 swims are all linked by a gravel track around the lake and with so many pegs to choose from there is always plenty of room to move if you wish. These easily accessible swims are well presented neat, log-lined gravelled areas. Large bivvies or tents are accommodated with ease and a number of swims close to the lodge are designated as suitable for wheelchair access.

The depth of DreamLake 2 varies between 5-7ft with many underwater features including gravel bars and silt pockets. Again there is no need to worry about protecting hookbaits with mesh, as there are no crayfish or poisson chat that often inhabit other French waters.

The stocking program of DreamLake 2 has seen the impressive head of specimen carp increased many fold over the years. Prior to opening in 1998, DreamLake 2 saw the addition of over five tonnes of carp including twenty forty-pound plus fish to 49lb, over twenty at 38lbs+, over 100 carp of 31lb+ and hundreds at twenty-pound plus. Since then DreamLake 2 simply got better when, in December 2001, a further 200 carp weighing in at over two tonnes including two fifty-pound carp were introduced. More recently, an additional one tonne of carp were added in October 2003, over 200 carp in November 2005 and yet a further 200 beautiful chestnut mirrors in November 2007. All have served to make an excellent water a simply awesome place to fish.

Dream Lake 3

Opened in May 2000 and has quite simply gone from strength to strength. It’s hardly surprising really as two tonnes of carp went into the lake in November 2003 – carp to over fifty-pound including 142 high-twenties, thirties and what we’re famous for, numerous carp over the forty-pound mark! The combination of these specimen fish with the 600 carp present for the opening of the lake, as well as other prior stocking periods (100 carp December 2002 and 120 carp to 53lb 8oz introduced in December 2001) makes the over-all biomass of fish in this 8-acre lake quite incredible! 

Only available to anglers on our Inclusive Package, DreamLake 3 offers anglers excellent ‘action style’ sport combined with every chance of a personal best whacker thrown in – the perfect fishing situation. Current records stand at 49lb 12oz for mirror carp, a colossal 81lb 9oz for common carp, the grass carp record is a staggering 56lb and 87lb for cat fish.

The lake itself is mature and tree-lined with 16 neatly presented log fronted swims and all with easy access, meaning DreamLake 3 provides ample room for the maximum of eight anglers accommodated each week. As you’d expect from this style of pit there are numerous gravel features within DreamLake 3, as well as weedbeds found across the depths that vary between 6-9ft. If you’re new to DreamLakes, you’ll also be pleased to learn that unlike many French waters the lake is free from crayfish or poisson chat – allowing you to maintain confidence in your hookbait without the need for netting or similar protection.

DreamLake 3 shares it’s own on-site shop, shower and toilet facilities with adjacent DreamLake 4 and DreamLake 5.

Lakes Rules

These are the only rules

1 You can use 4 rods
2 You can use bait boats on our weeks, no inflatable boats allowed
3 Your car can be behind the swim 
4 Arriving between 10.00 and 12.00
5 You can use all baits
6 No braided line 
7 No fires
8 Fishing mats are provided for each swim

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