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The Lake

The privately owned Green Lakes, as we know them now date back to 2001, when the main lake known as “Land Of Commons” has passed into private ownership and our journey began. The lakes were formed as a result of former gravel extraction in the late 1970s (sometime between 1978 and 1980). Once the quarrying activity stopped, the area was reclaimed by nature and quickly became popular with the angling community. There are two lakes totalling approximately 13 hectares. The lakes were then managed by the Slovak Anglers Association (SRZ) for a couple of decades. The development of the area and establishment of true recreational finishing started by Mr Ján Olaš, a keen angler himself.

The Fish

The venue as we know it today is an authentic specimen fishery with original carp stock estimated to be averaging from 10 to 25 years old. Re-stocking of carp took place in 2000, under the management of SRZ with carp (K3) (3 year old fish, circa 1000 kg). Following the acquisition of the fishery in 2001, Mr Ján Olaš re-stocked the lake with 1500 kg mainly common and some mirror carp with stock from Czech breeding ponds. No “trophy carp” have been stocked into the main lake. The experiences of anglers in recent years have been a prerequisite for the emergence of the new name of the main lake – “Land Of Commons” and is around 8 hectares. But don’t be fooled by its name, there are several dozen mirror carp that show on the bank every now and then glittering on the surface. With carp fishing being as popular as it is, it can sometimes be a struggle to head to water full of confidence, especially on heavily fished waters.

The Facilities

Our fishery offers natural and quiet setting for keen anglers looking for their next big catch. We have fish that are only a few years old and original fish that have grown to significant proportions and have seen it all! The second lake is known as "The Land of Mirrors" and is around 5 hectares. Green Lakes are situated in a quiet, easily accessible spot near a small town – “Nové Mesto nad Váhom” with a picturesque views of Beckov Castle and the White Carpathians Mountains. The lakes offer plenty of reasons and experiences to each angler that he will remember for a long time. The biggest common was 24kgs in 2019 and should be around 26kgs in 2020. Record mirror - there is one fish around 30kg (30,8 in 2018, a bit under 30kg in 2019). There are 10 carp between 19 and 23 kgs and the average fish is packing on 1.5 to 3kgs a year due to the Fantastic biosphere within the lake. Total lake stock is around 350 to 400 carp.

Booking Dates

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Lakes Rules

• Fishing is exclusively on “Catch and Release” basis only! No fish are to be taken away from the lake or out of your swim. An attempt to remove any fish away from the swim will be treated as theft.
• The access roads to the lake are closed by 3 lockable barriers. Arrival and departure from the lake is normally possible within the designated hours between the hours of 11:00 and 13:00. The barriers are kept locked.
• The rotation of fishing swims is carried out daily between 11:00 am and 13:00 pm. The checking out angler must leave the swim no later than 11:00 am on their last day. The checking in angler may enter their swim at the earliest from 13:00 pm.
• We ask anglers to arrive at the fishery at the earliest 11:00 am and depart no later than 13:00 pm. Please note that prior to 11:00 am and after 13:00 pm the barriers to the fishery will remain closed and locked.
• After unloading all necessary fishing gear and other equipment from your vehicle, parking is only allowed in designated areas.
• The allocated time for unloading or loading your vehicle is set from 10:00 am to 14:00 pm, the movement of vehicles around the lake at any other time is strictly prohibited.
• If anglers want/need to leave the site outside of the designated hours they need to contact the lake bailiff.
• Any private visits to the angler during his fishing time on the swim are prohibited.
• Drug and excessive alcohol abuse of any kind while on site is not tolerated.
• There are 5 fishing swims on the lake, which can be booked for your fishing holiday. According to the maximum occupancy (maximum 8 anglers), anglers can be divided into “single” or “double” swims as follows (see map of the lake for better clarity)
• Swim ‘BAILIFF’ is private and not to be used.
• Only one original fishing bivvy in green or camo pattern may be set up at the fishing swim for one angler. Second shelter (in shape of “umbrella”) is also permitted in green or camo pattern.
• For the convenience of all visitors, two mobile toilets are available in the designated marked area. One mobile toilet for female visitors and one mobile toilet are for male visitors. Mobile toilets are clearly marked with a pictogram.
• Leaving the fishing swims is only allowed after reeling in all fishing rods. It is permitted to leave a double swim if one angler stays behind.
• It is strictly prohibited to tear, cut or otherwise damage the surrounding vegetation. If something is getting in your way, report it to the lake bailiff immediately.
• Open fire and using portable charcoal grills is strictly prohibited. The use of gas stoves, gas grills and gas canisters is only allowed on the fishing swims.
• The swimming of visitors and domestic pets in the lake is prohibited. Access to water is permitted (including pets) only in marginal areas of the fishing swims.
• All waste must be separated in line with the municipal recycling rules as follows:
• Glass & plastics
General waste (everything else)
• Each angler will receive two plastic bin bags from the lake bailiff on arrival and is required to separate waste according to the above procedure.
• Upon completion of fishing, each angler is obliged to carry their bin bags and dispose of them at the designated marked area (see the lake map).
• If you require more bin bags, contact the lake bailiff and he will provide you with new ones.
• If the angler fails to follow the above recycling process, she/he will have to dispose of the waste at his own expense outside the lake area.
• We want every angler to feel comfortable and have a pleasant holiday. Please respect the privacy of other anglers and their right for quiet enjoyment of the sport.
• Fishing is allowed up to a maximum of three fishing rods per angler. All three fishing rods must be located at their swim area.
• Fishing is allowed exclusively only in marked areas listed on the lake map for each fishing swim.
• Fishing is allowed exclusively by casting rods only from designated swim area.
• Any fishing boats or remote controlled bait boats are strictly prohibited.
• Between the hours of 21.00 pm and 08:00 am noise must be kept to a minimum.
• No loud music or rowdy behaviour is permitted at all times.
• Please leave the facilities clean and tidy. If you have any concerns, report it immediately to the lake bailiff.
• Prior to you leaving, please leave fishing swims clean and tidy.
• As a precaution against various infectious diseases, unhooking mats, landing nets and weighing slings are provided by the lake bailiff at each fishing swim and for each angler separately.
• Predatory Fishing is strictly prohibited.
• The use of anglers own fishing gear (mentioned above) is strictly forbidden.
• Each angler receives one unhooking mat, one landing net, one weighing sling, refresh bucket, carp care kit fish treatment, a lake map with all rules and three plastic bags to separate the waste you produce.
• The provided fishing gear must be returned to the lake bailiff in the same condition as it was provided or may incur an extra charge.
• Fish can be taken from the water exclusively in weighing slings (including a folded landing net with shoulders). It is strictly forbidden to move fish in landing nets. During transportation of fish, ensure that all fins are flat against the fish body. Make sure fins are not damaged. Fish safety is our priority.
• Before placing the fish on an unhooking mat or in a weighing sling, the fishing gear must be soaked with fresh water from the lake. Do not place the fish on a dry unhooking mat or in a dry weighing sling.
• Keeping caught fish in weighing slings for longer periods of time is strictly prohibited (only the lake bailiff can give the angler an exception).
• Caught fish must be watered regularly on the bank by fresh water directly from the lake. It is strictly prohibited to use water that has been prepared or stored in advance (especially in summer and winter months).
• Any injured areas on the fish’s body (mouth, etc.) must be treated with the provided carp care kit before releasing the fish.
• Positioning the fish on its belly when the fish is placed on an unhooking mat is strictly prohibited (to prevent damaging the internal organs).
• Caught fish must be immediately returned to water after being documented. In case of suspected damage to fish or an obvious disease, contact the lake bailiff immediately for guidance.
• Any fish over 37.00 lb (over 17.00 kg) must be documented exclusively in the water. Entry into the water is recommended in waders.
• If a fish is deep hooked, hold the fish in the water in a landing net and seek help. Do not prod about as this may harm the fish.
• Never weigh or lift a fish by the gills.
• When moving the fish NEVER carry the fish unsupported even for short distances.
• When photographing fish, support the fish over a large unhooking mat, kneel and never stand up with fish.
• When returning fish after capture, please support the fish in the water giving it plenty of time to recover before releasing.

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