Monster Carp Lake

Monster Carp lake will be completed around October 2019 and this freshly dug gravel pit will be around 11 hectors and hold a huge head of carp moved 6 months ago from the Owners main holding lake.

The lake is extremely attractive for groups of anglers that like to fish and be sociable at the same time. All the swims are spread out on a large point covering all angles into the lake giving the lake 5 double swims.

At the centre of this point there will be a BBQ area, toilets and showers. Food can be arranged to be delivered or you can cook for your whole group together at the BBQ area. This lake offers great protection from any weather, strong winds and rain.

The banks are all reed lined and will mature with time, as this is a newly stocked lake the fish have seen no pressure and are not cautious so huge catches can be expected from this young heavily stocked lake.

These waters hold an incredible ten fish over 30kgs with the biggest fish weighing over 34kgs. This lake also holds big Grass Carp between 20-25kgs.


Monster Lake 2
Monster Lake

The offer

  • Flights into airport (for you to arrange)
  • Collection to and from the airport.
  • 5 swims allocated between 10 anglers.
  • 1 Bivvy between 2
  • 1 bed chair each.
  • 1 day chair each
  • 3 rods per person.
  • 1 rod pod per person.
  • 1 boat per swim.( Please wear life jackets)
  • 1 Mina Kota Motor classic 40lbs thrust
  • 1 Piranha Max 4 echo sounder per boat.
  • Batteries and oars will be provided
  • Weigh bar and scales
  • Unhooking mat
  • Carry cradle
  • WIFI is provided
  • Runs to the supermarket can be arranged if you have flown in.
  • 3 meals can be delivered per day. The price per person for 7 days is 300 Euros
Monster Carp Lake Facilities

Dates available:
2 May to 9 May 2020
29 August to 5 September 2020
5 September to 12 September 2020

The Drive and Survive package – please contact for information