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Danny and Hamish

Danny and Hamish at Sumbar Croatia

The Co-founders of CarpEscapes Danny and Hamish have been fishermen since childhood. Their passion for this sport has lead them on worldly travels throughout Europe, Asia, North America, Canada and Australia. Years of experience fishing many different waters have made them acutely aware of what anglers want and require for the ultimate fishing experience.

Having fished many of the big fish waters, public and commercially operated in Europe, what sets them apart is, they also fish the waters you do, and know what works! You have questions, they have the answers and will be there in person to help guide you with their knowledge.

Forget the false promises of sites claiming the world, taking your money and not respecting your passion for fishing. Let the guys of Carpescapes help you experience fishing on a level you’ll not only come to appreciate but love as well. We stand-by our word, you will experience the best!


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